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Significance and value of clothing hangtag

¡¡¡¡Everything has its own significance and value of its existence, clothing tag is no exception too. At present, with constant development of clothing market, the significance and value of clothing tags have play a more important role.Although each clothing enterprises tag has its own characteristics. Mostly, the name, address, telephone number, zip code, logo are also should be printed on the tags.Some enterprises, even printed on the company's properties in the clothing hangtag (such as sino-foreign joint venture,Sole proprietorship.etc.) some other clothing manufacturer simply regard the small hangtag as a miniature "advertising". In order to give a person with more intuitive feeling, making consumers have a more profound impression of their products, the manufacture even printed the model or pretty girls who wearing their clothes on the tag. Of course, this method they adopt have played a very good promotion effect.


¡¡¡¡Meanwhile, for giving a cordial feeling the consumers who buy their products, some thanks and wishes words should be printed on the tag;some garment tags are more like a "product specification", not only with what kind of fabric, its performance,even water temperature, the way of washing, what kind of cleansing agent and how to maintain and so on need to printed on the tag, thus it can be seen that manufactures are very responsible for consumers.


¡¡¡¡Furthermore, along with the prosperity of the clothing market, the competition among them have become increasingly fierce, in order to protect their own products from the fake and shoddy products.Some famous clothing manufacture both at a trend to use the various kinds of holographic anti-counterfeiting tags and bar code. This not only protect the interests of the enterprise itself,but also safeguard the rights and interests of the consumers.